Terms and rules

These are rules of conduct further referred as - rules, for www.pbresultsonline.com further in text referred as – Portal, all users (registered and not registered) are bound to follow these rules while using the Portal.

General rules

1. The Portal is maintained and administered by limited liability company “PB Results” Reg.Nr. 40103650414 further referred as company.

2. The Portal provides any internet user with information and services connected to the fine sport of paintball, including the description of sport events, calendar schedule of games and tournaments, galleries, individual player and team database maintenance, around the World access to registration for tournaments to tournament participants and organizers, creation of tournaments, ability to follow game schedules and results, tournament ratings, archive of individual player and team results, live view of games etc.

3. All users are obliged to read these rules, follow changes of rules and follow the rules at all times. The company can change the rules at any time as seen fit. Changes are effective right after setting them on the Portal.

4. Registered users have rights to use offered services, in example payed services, considering rules of distance contract, for price that is offered at the time of service availability. The company can change pricing of services at any given time as it sees fit, delete current and/or add new payed services.

5. To become a registered user of the Portal, user goes through required registration procedure.

6. Every registered user is responsible for ensuring that the user’s data, name, surname, personal code etc. is genuine. Each user is allowed only one user profile and that one profile contains only one person. It is prohibited to create profiles with other people data, fictional people, items etc.

7. Registered users are allowed to insert a picture into the user profile only with their own face.

7.1. Inserted picture for user profile has to meet following requirements:

7.1.1. The photo has to contain clearly recognizable registered user;

7.1.2. Photo has to be clear, with high resolution;

7.1.3. Background of the photo has to be light and neutral;

7.1.4. Photo has to be centered on the face of the user;

7.1.5. Photo does not contain animals, objects or other people;

7.1.6. The background does not contain buildings;

7.1.7. The photo meets norms of morals and ethics accepted in modern society;

7.1.8. The photo cannot be of vulgar, pornographic or with erotic content;

7.2. Registered user appearance must meet following criteria:

7.2.1. The head is facing forward;

7.2.2. Eyes are open and not covered with hair;

7.2.3. Accessories that interfere with recognition of the person are not allowed (hats, masks, sunglasses etc.)

7.2.4. If person is wearing glasses: Eyes of the person are clearly visible, eyes not covered with frames of the glasses Frames of the glasses cannot cover face;

7.2.5. No headwear is allowed unless the person is wearing headwear every day based on their religious believes and it is not covering the face of parts of the face;

7.2.6. Clothing of the person does not cover face or parts of the face;

8. Registered users are obligated not to disclose profile access data to third parties. Any activities of registered user done within the Portal such as subscription to payed services, using users name and password, then Portal administration can assume that all activities within profile were made by the registered user itself, registered user is responsible for all consequences of all activities including financial responsibility for payed services.

9. It is prohibited to do any commercial activities unless it is done in designated sections within rules of these sections.

10. It is prohibited to include and place information such as photo, video and audio materials that:

10.1. Violates of infringes rights of third party intellectual property or personal data protection requirements;

10.2. Violates third party honor and dignity, vulgar, uncensored or otherwise offensive;

10.3. Calls for violence, racial hatred or any other illegal action;

10.4. Contains computer viruses or otherwise harms computer or electronic communication software stability, speed, work;

10.5. Contains pornographic or erotic content;

10.6. Violate regulations

11. Selling, republishing, changing or participation in any transaction of the information of the Portal, creation of copies of any kind without written agreement with administration of the Portal is strictly prohibited. Citing or referring to information placed on the Portal user is obligated to indicate the source of information – www.pbresultsonline.com.

12. Administrator/maintenance has rights not to approve any photo of registered user at any time, as well as delete registered user profile and/or information within the profile and to ban the access to user profile from specific IP address for a limited or unlimited time without any notification. The administration/maintenance of the Portal has the rights to request registered user to set a new profile photo that corresponds to profile photo requirements.

13. If access to the site is blocked for a certain period of time or the profile and information is deleted then no compensations or refunds are made as well as any payments for payed services will not be refunded.

14. The user of the site is fully responsible for any information, including personal data, profile and other images, video, etc., which he placed in a portal, as well as takes full responsibility for the consequences that might arise as a result of such information insertion.

15. The Company is not responsible for the Portal User Submitted information, including personal data, profile and other images, video materials, as well as the consequences that migh arise, and the Company is not liable for any losses from site users have arisen or may arise in connection with the Site and its services.

16. In the event that a third party has any claims or issues with the Company in connection with the data the portal user posted, users of the portal, which is an act or omission mentioned in claims incurred, are obliged to take all necessary action brought by a third and steele complaints and has the obligation to pay the Company for all expenses and losses.

17. All intellectual property rights relating to the Site belong exclusively to the Company infringements of those rights, the person may be prosecuted by legislation responsibility, as well as a person is fully liable for any expenses and / or losses that the Company has had to deal with during legal procedures.

17.1.1. 6. All disputes, disagreements, or claims between the Company and from site users abot usage and these Terms and conditions shall be settled in accordance with the Latvian legislation Riga arbitration, registration No. Reg.№ 40003756873), in accordance with the Arbitration Rules, one arbitrator Riga City Vidzeme Suburb Court, by the applicant's choice.

II Protection of individual data and privacy

1. All personal data submitted by registered users of Portal is protected by the law of Republic of Latvia.

2. By registering/or using at the Portal the user gives consent to the Company to process and operates with user data under the law of personal data protection.

3. The operator of user data is limited liability company “PB Results” Reg.Nr 40103650414, address: Zellu street 5-4, LV-1002.

4. Data of an individual is processed to identify user, putting up various information in the Portal and to provide Portal offered services such as text, pictures, Portal provided services for example ability to organize tournaments, sign up for tournaments, following the information on individual player and team results in archive, creation of player ID card, creation and maintenance of player database, creation of private and team profiles etc.

5. The registered user is informed and agrees that profile data – name, surname, portrait, and content of the profile (activities, statistics) are accessible to other registered users and third party to ensure execution of applied services such as addition of a player to a team, tournament sign up etc. to registered user, and that processing of publicly available data is not dependent on the Company.

6. The registered users have rights to add, change or delete personal profile data, information and pictures, as well as rights to delete the profile itself. If the profile of registered user is deleted, part of user data that is not directly connected to user will not be deleted, for example, participation in games, teams, player statistics, etc.. Right after deletion of the profile and/or information it will no longer be seen by other users, but the profile, data and/or information can be kept on the server of the Company for up to 90 days after deletion.

7. The Portal provides with ability to search for registered users and events, based on the information provided by registered users for profiles.

8. Content (portraits, player and team statistics and participation in tournaments etc.) that is publicly available on the user profile can be viewed on various devices, and saved using Portal, web browser or functionality of devices, if chosen so.

9. If registered user logs in using the Portal through third party websites or mobile applications and engages in activities such as signing up for a tournament, user profile data for example name, surname, personal code, portrait, can be granted to third party to ensure proper functionality of service.

10. The Company has rights to gather and make publicly available information, for example for research, data analysis on number of registered users, but no personal data will be exposed. We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site.

11. By registering in Portal and/or using the Portal user agrees and is informed that the Company has rights to had personal data of the user to third party in following cases:

11.1. The company received written consent;

11.2. Transfer of personal data is required to provide services, which user has requested via the Portal logging option;

11.3. If it is required by Latvian law enforcement authorities following the legislations of the Republic of Latvia

11.4. The user or actions of the user have violated these rules and/or legislations of the Republic of Latvia, as a result the Company, other users or third party interests can or are affected;

11.5. If the legislations of the Republic of Latvia requires so.