Latvian Sports Paintball League LSPL 2nd Event

Latvian Sports Paintball League LSPL 2nd Event

Registration deadline:
17.08.2017 22:00

Latvia, GPS koordinātes: +56° 51' 18.44", +24° 25' 16.90"

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Field Layout: The Millennium Series Paris, France 2017 Location of the venue:

Special offer: Beginners and U19/Womens division teams without their own equipment will be able to rent equipment free of charge.

Rules: The rules are based on the WPBO 1.1 rules, which are modified for the LSPL. If there are less than 10 teams, the winner is chosen by the total amount of points If there are more than 10 teams, the teams are divided in 2 groups and after that the ¼, ½, and finals are played

Referees: The tournament series will be equiped with a special referee team. The head referee certified with a Euroref paintball referee certification. There will be a minimum of 4 referees on the field and a head-ref.

Paintballs: Only paintballs bought during the tournament and on site can be used. The cost of a box of paintballs (2000 paintballs) range from 30 EUR to 40 EUR (VAT included).

Prizes: The tournament’s generalsponsor is the company PB Parks and PB Telpa. Every event winner will be awarded with custom made medals and sponsor prizes. In the OPEN division the top 3 teams will be awarded. In the beginners division the top 3 teams will be awarded.   The winners of the year (1st place) will be awarded with cups, diplomas and sponsor prizes.

Latvian paintball federation’s payment details: Union “Latvian paintball federation” Registration Nr. 40008190959 Bank: Swedbank Bank Account: LV16HABA0551033034534 In the purpose field write your teams name and division Latvian sport paintball league organizers committee.

For any questions please contact

Division OPEN Beginners
Format Mercy rule (3 points) Mercy rule (2 points)
Game time 8 minutes 5 minutes
Teams count 5/unlimited 4/unlimited
Price per event
EUR 80 (exc VAT)
EUR 40 (exc VAT)
Registration closed
Registration closed

Series events list

Event Date
Latvian Sports Paintball League LSPL 1st Event 17 June
Latvian Sports Paintball League LSPL 2nd Event 19 August


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