Players Ranking
Division rank Division multiplier Team place points Matches format
100% Xball = 100%
10 man = 50%
5 man = 50%
3 man = 25%
2 man = 25%
1 man = 0%
Semi Pro
Intermediate, Tactical
Number of teams in division Extra points for finals
10+ teams 100%
9 teams 95%
8 teams 90%
7 teams 85%
6 teams 80%
5 teams 75%
4 teams 70%
3 teams 65%
2 teams 60%

Division Rank
At the tournament creation stage, the creator ranks the devisions from lowest to the highest. The devision rank counting is automatically set from D5 upwards. Note that in rare circumstances, individual events may be ranked differently.
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Division multiplier
Higher divisions earn more points.

Number of Teams in division
If a division contains less than 10 teams, the overall amount of points is lowered proportionally to the number of teams in the division.

Team place points
All players receive a base amount of points for each event based on the previous place their team won. Players of the 1st place team receive 1000 points, players of the last place team receive 100 points.

Finals extra points
If the team qualifies for the finals, team members are awarded additional points for qualifying for the finals. The amount of points awarded depends on the results of the finals (final standing). Qualifying for the finals allows players to earn points to upgrade the player class.

Matches format multiplier
Basic game format is set to Xball. All the other games with different formats have proportional point reduction according to the table.

Player class points table
Class Min points
Pro class 790
Semi Pro class 650
D1 class 510
D2 class 370
D3 class 230
D4 class 90
D5 class 0

Player Class

  • To determine the class of a player 4 best tournaments within last 24 months are taken into account.
  • The player class is determined by the mean point value of 4 best tournaments. Refer to the player class determination table.

Player Class points burning

  • Player tournament points remain unchanged for 6 months. Starting with 7th month tournament points reduce according to the tournament’s limitation.
  • 7 - 12 months after the tournament points reduced each month by 2%.
  • 13 – 24 months after the tournament points are reduced each month by 5%.
  • Tournaments in which the player has participated more than 24 months ago are not included when determining the players’ class.

Beginner D5 players

  • Beginner players reaching the number of points necessary for D4 player class may end the tournament series in the beginners’ class.
  • When registering for the next season or another tournament series after reaching D4 player class the player is not admitted to D5 player class.
  • Exceeding the number of necessary points for D4 player class the player will never again be admitted to D5 player class and such a player’s class will never fall below D4 player class. This applies also if the player has not played for last 24 months.

Restrictions on changing the players’ divisions according to the player’s class

  • Player may apply to play in his/her player’s class division or in a higher division.
  • Player shall not apply to play in a lower division than his/her player’s class.
  • Within the tournament series the player is restricted to transfer to another division according to the player’s class and division in which the player is applied. Applying player in a higher division with a lower player’s class such a player may not change the division according to his/her player’s class. Such a player may change the membership in division within the league or by participating in another league or tournaments.
  • Player with D4 and a higher player class can never return in D5 player class.

Players class (Paintball player tournament points for classification is available if player is checked in for the event)

Summary Player class